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Social Responsibility

Companies and institutions nowadays play an important role in providing support to humanitarian & community issues, reflected in the integration of social responsibility into their corporate strategy, or the adoption of ways and means for charitable work in order to highlight their role in human and community development. Companies today also strive to contribute towards the spread of such values in the community as well as align them with their values and ethos.

The Red Crescent Society represents a strategic option for companies seeking to boost their role in social responsibility and link their name with the highest standards of humanitarian and moral commitment. The Red Crescent has earned its credibility and trust as a result of its unwavering commitment to its humanitarian principles and its mission “to preserve and protect human dignity through capacity-building, humanitarian and voluntary work, and the strengthening of the role of partnerships in the provision of outstanding humanitarian services.” Kuwait Red Crescent Society is the link that connects humanitarian action with its believers through providing assistance and aid to the most vulnerable, whether such vulnerability is caused by social status or wars or natural disasters, without discriminating on the basis of religion, doctrine, gender or color, and heedless to political or intellectual beliefs.


Social responsibility partnership options:

Adopt a humanitarian case by adhering to the Kuwait Companies Law as per Decree Law No. 25 of 2012 and its amendments as per Law No. 97 of 2013 with regards to social responsibility.

Humanitarian cases in need of corporate funding:

Humanitarian issue
  1. Support in paying educational fees for the needy in Kuwait.
300 KD per student
  1. Providing food and supplies for orphans/ special needs/ divorced women/ widows/ patients.
25 KD per month
  1. Providing clothes for families in need inside Kuwait.
30 KD every 6 months
  1. Elderly and special needs diapers.
21 KD for 60 pieces

5,250 KD for 15 pieces

  1. Campaign “For Humanity” in favor of Red Crescent.
( Unrestricted )

Expensive medication for the needy in Kuwait

Humanitarian issue Helping Funds
  1. Rheumatoid disease treatment
400 KD per month 80 patients on waiting list
  1. Heart stents
300 – 325 KD per stent 300 patients
  1. Cardiovascular diseases medicine
30 KD per month 25 patients
  1. Wheelchair of special needs for disability and paralysis
1,000 – 3,000 KD 30 patients
  1. Hepatitis
220 KD per pack 150-200 patients
  1. Insulin pump for children
1000 KD 30 patients
  1. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
400 – 800 KD according to patient’s case 20 patients

Deducting a percentage of sales to a humanitarian cause

Deducting a percentage of product sales or service or tickets or humanitarian activities for a given cause. This type of donation delivers a message about the company or institution that profit is not everything the company seeks, but that there is value to humans and a true meaning to being human.

Involvement of staff & bringing them together around a common cause

The benefits of promoting the concept of giving in the workplace:

  • Strengthening staff morale by demonstrating corporate social responsibility
  • Providing an opportunity to double the donations of employees in order to increase support for humanitarian issues

Many employees around the world resort to Red Crescent / Cross when they want to help the needy, afflicted & displaced persons. When partnering with Kuwait Red Crescent Society, companies facilitate the gathering of staff around a humanitarian issue. This can be done through:

Annual campaign

The participation in an annual campaign to support humanitarian cases adopted by the Red Crescent, thereby aiding in the reach to a large number of employees in a way that achieves alignment with the company’s culture and deepens staff corporate citizenship and drive.

Donation matching program for staff

Matching staff donations by the company (the company pays the value paid by staff) is a powerful incentive for any donor, and can enhance contribution levels. It also attests to the company’s willingness to invest in the issues and causes that are of importance to their staff.

Involve customers to support humanitarian issues

Linking the Red Crescent’s donations page to the company’s website: placing the Red Crescent link on the company’s website means partnering in vision with an organization that is considered a pioneer in providing quality humanitarian services to effect change towards a prosperous and capable society.

Advertising in the Red Crescent Journal

Terms of the partnership with the Red Crescent:

  • Obtain written consent from the Red Crescent Society before starting any activity aimed to use the name or the Kuwaiti Red Crescent logo.
  • Approval of the campaigns to collect donations does not constitute an endorsement of the marketing or promotion of a product or service offered by companies.

Humanitarian Partnership Categories:

Humanitarian partner – Diamond More than 40,00, up to 60,000 KD
Humanitarian partner – Platinum More than 30,000 – 40,000 KD
Humanitarian partner – Gold More than 20,000 – 30, 000 KD
Humanitarian partner – Silver More than 10,000 –20,000 KD
Humanitarian partner – Bronze More than 5,000 – 10,000 KD
Friends of humanity – for individuals 25 KD per month (care of needy families a month and/or any of the humanitarian issues mentioned above)

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