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It damage to the body tissues  result from extreme heat or extreme cold.They lead to similar injuries, even though the cause is different.


Burns are caused by a number of ways, such as:

  1. Dry Heat.
  • Flame or Radiation.
  • Friction
  • Electricity
  • Corrosive Chemicals.
  1. Wet Heat (Scalds).
  • Hot liquids.
  • Steam
  • Fat


  • Sun rays.
  • Lights

     4. Electricity

  1. Extreme Cold.
  • Ice
  • Co2.
  • Nitrogen

General  Treatment.

  1. Remove the cause from the patient, or remove the patient from the cause.
  2. Reduce the spread of heat in the tissue by placing the injured part under slowly running cold tap water.
  3. Only remove clothing that is affected and not adhering to the injury.
  4. Remove any rings, jewelry, boats or shoes from the injured area in case swelling occur.
  5. Lightly cover the jury with a sterile dressing.
  6. Treat sock.

Do Not:

  • Apply lotions, oils or creams.
  • Prick or burst any blisters.
  • Give water to an unconscious patient.


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