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Blood escape out from the blood vessels.

Categories  of  Bleeding.

Bleeding may be:

  • External: when blood escapes from the circulation to the outside of the body.
  • Internal: when blood escape from the circulation inside the body.

Sings & Symptoms.

  • Fast & weak pulse.
  • Fast & shallow breathing.
  • Cold & moist skin.
  • Pallor of face and lips.
  • Dizziness or fainting.
  • Thirst.

Emergency Care.

The first aider’s initial aim should be to control the bleeding by one of the following methods:

  1. Direct pressure.

If the wound appears to be free of glass, apply pressure directly onto the wound by your fingers around the wound.Apply pressure using a sterile dressing if possible. If not, use any clean material or even your hand. It is important not to waste time searching for one.

If possible wrap more bandages round it firmly, but not so tightly as to obstruct circulation. Scarves, clean sheets and handkerchiefs, etc. make suitable substitutes for bandages.

If bleeding is from an arm or leg, lift up the injured part above the level of the victim’s heart. You may find it easier to lie the victim down.

Do not handle a limb you suspect may be fractured other than attempting to stop bleeding.

  1. Indirect pressure.

If the injury is on a limb and direct pressure is ineffective, apply indirect pressure on the main artery which supplies the injured area. Do not apply indirect pressure for any longer than 15 minutes.

Additional action:

  • Re-assure the patient and tell him to lie quitely. Restless patient bleed more and disturb blood clot.
  • Don’t give him anything by mouth.
  • Keep the injured part still so that the blood clot whick is formed will not be disturbed, thus giving rise to renewed bleeding.
  • Keep him laying on his back and elevate his leg (20-30 cm). this transfers blood from the legs to the heart and brain where the blood is most needed.
  • Cover him with light blanket.


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