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Recovery position

The muscles of an unconscious patient are completely relaxed, the tongue ( being a muscle which is fixed to the lower jaw ) will fall back and close the throat if the patient is kept lying on his back.

In the Recovery Position the tongue will not fall back, and the blood or vomit can come out of the mouth without blocking the air passage.

The  position  is  established  in  the  following  manner:

  1. Kneel down on the side to which the patient shall be turned.
  1. Stretch his nearest arm along his body and place the palm of the hand under his buttocks.
  1. Bend his nearest leg in hip and knee.
  1. Place his other arm across his chest with his hand at the opposite ear.
  1. Place one of your hands at the shoulder of the patient and the other at his hip.
  1. Turn the patient with a steady pull over his stretched arm on his side.
  1. When he is placed on the side, move your hand from the shoulder and support his head during the rest of the turning.
  1. Pull the patient’s lower arm free from his back.Put the hand of the other arm under his cheek.Adjust the position of his head so that it is tilted backwards to maintain a free air passage.Adjust the position of his legs.





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