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KRCS throws weight behind humanitarian efforts


KRCS throws weight behind humanitarian efforts

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Mar 01st, 2017

Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) firmly supports all efforts that run parallel to the society’s foreign policy, which is based on benevolence & philanthropy, KRCS Chairman Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer said on Thursday.

Speaking after meeting with Djibouti’s Ambassador to Kuwait Mohammad Ali Moumen, Al-Sayer said that KRCS is willing & ready to work with humanitarian organizations in the Northeastern African nation.

Meanwhile, the Djiboutian envoy said that his country highly appreciates Kuwait’s humanitarian efforts that have mitigated the affliction of the human race.
He also applauded KRCS for its support of impoverished nations across the African continent, noting that an aid package earmarked for Djibouti is in the works.
On the meeting, Moumen pointed out that he was acquainted with humanitarian endeavors KRCS has undertaken across large swathes of the globe.




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