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Yossef Jasem Alhejy

Yossef Jasem Alhejy
Yossef Jasem Alhejy
  • Born in Kuwait in 1923.
  • Studied in Almobarakya school then in Othman Abdel Latif Alothman school 1925- 1935.
  • Studied the English language and printing in Hashem Albadr school.
  • 1938- 1941 worked in an American company for drilling oil in the Arab kingdom of Saudi as a clerk.
  • 1944- 1960 employed in the health ministry as responsible about the medicines storage.
  • 1960 – 1962 a manager for the carriers in the ministry of health.
  • 1976- 1981 a minister for the Islamic affairs.
  • A member in the social reformation organization.
  • A member in the Red Crescent of Kuwait.
  • The chairman of charity organization of Abdullah Alnawary.
  • 1984- 2010 the chairman of the world Islamic charitable organization.
  • A member in the administration boards of the Islamic universities in Uganda, Niger, and Islam Abad.
  • A member in the board directorate of Islamic bank of Dubai .
  • A member in the high council for mosques and the Islamic world league in Mecca.
  • The vice manager of the world Islamic council for invitation in Egypt till 2010.
  • The chairman of the Kuwait committee of emergency.

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