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Saad Ali Alnahd

Saad Ali Alnahd
Saad Ali Alnahd
  • He was born in Kuwait in 1935.
  • Studied in the Alsharkia School then in the secondary Almobrkya School.
  • 1958 Bachelor of commerce and economy, Cairo University.
  • 1963 diploma of economy and administration , London university
  • 1969-1974 agent for the ministry of health.
  • 1974-1995 the chairman of real estate bank of Kuwait.
  • 1987-1995 the boss of commerce and industry chamber.
  • 1996 a member of the chamber of commerce and industry in Kuwait.
  • 1975-1977 the chairman of the investment group and real estate.
  • 1976 a member of administration board of the scientific progress organization in Kuwait.
  • 1984 a member in the civil council service.
  • A member of administration board for the social insurance organization.
  • The university council.
  • 1987- 1994 the chairman of the Kuwait and Lebanon bank.
  • 1979 a member of administration board company of real estate loaloa Kuwait.
  • A member of administration in the Kuwait Swiss bank in Geneva.
  • 1995 a member of administration in central bank of Kuwait.
  • A member in the Kuwait Red Crescent organization.
  • A member of administration in united Kuwait bank in London.

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