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Mohamed Yossef Alnasf

Mohamed Yossef Alnasf
Mohamed Yossef Alnasf
  • Born in the eastern district in Kuwait 1911.
  • Studied in the Alahmadya School and worked in the diving profession.
  • In 1935 worked in the commerce of the food products and travelled to India in 1942 to trade in the general commerce.
  • In 1946, employed as a manager for the works directorate and started in the foundation. In 1953, he resigned from the works and returned to the commercial work.
  • Participating in the executive committee when the health council and knowledge have been diminished.
  • In 1958 employed as a member in the organizational authority and the organizing process started for the zones and low incomes houses.
  • In 1961 a member in the common council and a minister in the first Kuwaiti ministry after the independence.
  • 1962 a member in the elected establishing council.
  • A minister in the ministry of affairs in the first Kuwait ministry after the independence.
  • Contribution in establishing the chamber of commerce and industry in Kuwait and a member in the office of the commerce chamber and a member in the adjudication committee in it.
  • One of the founders and owners of the newspaper Alkabas.
  • One of the founders for the national insurance company and he was the chairman for many periods.
  • 1966 one of the founders for the Kuwait Red Crescent.
  • A member in the administration of the Kuwait Red Crescent.
  • One of the founders for the patients help fund.
  • A member in the public committee for collecting the donations.

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