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Khaled Almotawa

Khaled Almotawa
Khaled Almotawa
  • Born in Kuwait in 1912 in the Alkanaat district.
  • Studied in Almobarkya School as he was the students of Yossef Ibn Aesa Alkanaai.
  • Worked in the commerce of gold and silk.
  • One of the founders for the Gulf Bank.
  • 1961- 1979 a member and the chairman of Gulf Bank.
  • The first chairman of Orphan house as he was ordered by the prince of Kuwait Alsheikh Abdallh Alsalem Alsabah to work in the field of orphanage, he organized the foundation structure to administrate the orphans based on the governmental acts which was issued by the Alsheikh Ahmed Algaber Alsabah in 1939 and he was employed a manager for the orphans and continued in this position for thirty years.
  • The first to supervise the minster of Awqaf in 1938 based on the order from the chairman of the consultancy council Alsheikh Abdallah Alsalem Alsabah and he made statistics for all mosques in Kuwait.
  • He offered the law in which he asked that the orphanage a high independent council.
  • 1969 a member in the high council for the orphanage.
  • The chairman of the high council for orphanage.
  • A member in the municipality council.
  • A member in the estimation committee related to it for four years.
  • One of the founders of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent.

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