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Barges Al Barges

Barges Al Barges
Barges Al Barges
  • He was born in Aljahraa in 21st of Jan 1931. He studied in his early life with Elsheikh Ahmed Alkhamis and the Alahmadia School. And had a diploma in the hospital administration in Britain and diploma of media from USA.
  • He worked in his early life as a collector in municipality of Kuwait in 1944 and then moved to work as an employee in Kuwait Oil Company from 1946 till 1949 and then worked in the health directorate in 1950. And continued in it till the appointed as the assistant agent in the ministry of health and then the agent of it in 1973.
  • In 1976 the princes has issued an order to appoint him as the chairman for the New agency of Kuwait and he did his efforts to be as the international agencies and he continued the work till 1992
  • Albargas contributed in offering the helps and donation for the blood bank for the countries conflicting with offence of June in 1967, and also the supervision and other medical teams subjected to the ministry of health and the Kuwaiti red crescent for the events of September 1970 in Jordan, also participated in organizing the teams of the Red crescent and ministry of health in order to offer the helps with the countries of facing in October ware in 1973.
  • Albargas adopted the case of Bosna and harsak; he contributed in sending the helps as representative for the Red Crescent of Kuwait. Also he made the supervision and coordination with the governmental and human organization in Kuwait and the Iranian Red Crescent in order to offer the help for the Iraq refugees in Iran in 1994.
  • He played a great role in offering the help for Rwanda in 1994 by the coordination of efforts between the governmental parts and the private parts and the international federation for the Red Crescent and the delegation of the refugees affairs and the organization of the African Muslims. He supervised on offering the help to Lebanon during the civil war and Kana Massacre in Lebanon. And offered the helps for the injured of the hurricanes in Bangladesh in 1997.
  • He got a medal of Henry Donald in the international conference of the Red Crescent which is held in Sydney in Australia in 2013 and this medal is considered the best reward to be given for the human work which is given by the international movement of the Red Crescent.
  • Since 1969 the medal is granted every two years as an honor for the individual services and other works in the cases of the Red Crescent and human deeds which are done by the medal winners.
  • He got a lot of medals in many international and human organization according to the role played in the services of the poor in different parts of the world by his leadership for the Red Crescent organization which sent the real image for the human and charity work in Kuwait to the whole world.
  • One of the most prominent volunteers which are done by Albargas is the adoption of the project for the homeless in the governmental hospital in order to move the subjectivity to the ministry of the social affairs. This can develop the idea of establishing a unit for the children who are not completely grown besides his contribution and initiative to establish a nursery institution and the adoption of the establishing the blood bank in the ministry of the health.
  • Bargas Albargas died in 14 may in 2014.

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