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Abdullah Almotawaa

Abdullah Almotawaa
Abdullah Almotawaa

Born in Kuwait in 1926 and he died in 31/9/2006.

He received his education in the school and joined Othman Abdel Alatif Alothman School and studied in the Almobarkya and Alahmaday schools.

Worked in the commerce and was in charge of the chairman for Ali Abdel Alwahab Almotawaa and his sons company till his death 2006.

  • A foundation member for the Red Crescent of Kuwait.
  • The chairman of Ali Abdel Alwahab Almotawaa Company.
  • A member of the foundation committee for the Kuwait finance house
  • A member in the world Islamic charity authority
  • A member in the common Kuwait committee for the emergency.
  • A member in the public conference for the case of Kuwait 1990 in Gada.
  • The chairman of the social reformation organization.
  • A founder and member in the Islamic guidance organization.
  • The chairman of society newspaper
  • A member in the foundation council for the Islamic world league.
  • A member in the high council for the mosques.
  • A member in the world seminar for the Islamic youth.
  • A member of the world council for the identification of Islam, Lister, U.K.

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