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Abdel-Aziz Hamd Alsakr

Abdel-Aziz Hamd Alsakr
Abdel-Aziz Hamd Alsakr

He was born in 1912 and he started the stage of the education in joining Almobarkya School and then moved to Alahmadya School.

In 1922 his father sent him to Bombay where he joined the school of Saint Mary, and in 1927 his father sent him to Porbandar in order to train him on the commerce. He participated in the political life in Kuwait since his early life; he attended the meetings which were held by the members of the legislative council before its establishment officially.

He was appointed as a member in the municipality council in 1954 and then he was chosen by the prince of Kuwait Alsheikh Abdallah Alsalem Alsabah as a member in the organization directorate in 1961.

In 1962 he succeeded in the elections of the establishment council. And after his success, he was ordered by Alsheikh Abdallah Alsalem to be the minister of the health in the first Kuwaiti ministry after the independence. He established the blood bank during it and the nursery institution. He launched Alsabah hospital, the common diseases hospital, and 18 hospital in the Kuwait zonesK he used the system of the health registration and there were other achievements.

After that, he went into the elections of the nation council in Kuwait in 1963 and he succeeded in it and was appointed as a chairman for the first nation council in Kuwait.

He participated in many economic national organizations which contributed in the progress of Kuwait and the most important contributions are:

  • The establishment of the Kuwaiti airlines in 1954
  • The establishment of the Kuwait public committee for collecting the donations in 1954
  • The establishment of the Kuwaiti oil carriers company in 1957
  • The chairman of the chamber of commerce and industry in 1958.
  • The establishment of the Kuwaiti Cinema company in 1960
  • The establishment of the Kuwaiti federation for the navigation agents in 1971

Alsakr worked in many important positions such as:

  • The first minster of health in 1963.
  • The chairman of the first nation council in 1967.
  • The vice chairman of the Kuwaiti airlines company 1954- 1957
  • The chairman of the national Kuwait bank 1959- 1994

He has got a lot of medals and honors locally and internationally during his life like the medal from the president Gamal Abd Elnasser for the support of the war efforts; also he got the medal of honour from the president of France. Also the meal the republic for the first class from the president Mohammed Hosni Mubarak and the prize of estimation from the Arab American committee for facing the discrimination. Besides that, there are a lot of the local prizes and the honor from different world organizations.

He died in 23 may in 2005.

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