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Abdel Alrazak Mashary Aledwany

Abdel Alrazak Mashary Aledwany
Abdel Alrazak Mashary Aledwany
  • Born in Kuwait in 1927
  • Studied in Almobaraky School and worked as a teacher in it for one year.
  • In 1943 he travelled to Cairo where he completed his secondary studies. And he finished the first year in the faculty of medicine.
  • 1958 had the bachelor degree in the medicine and surgery from London University.
  • Worked in a lot of hospitals in England especially in London and Liverpool till 1970 and he got a certificate of (M.R. C. P) in the abdominal diseases in 1964 and achieved a lot of the specialized studies in the nerves diseases.
  • A colleagues mate in Harvard University.
  • 1970 got the master degree in the general health from the university.
  • Employed as a teacher in the faculty of medicine in Kuwait University after being a member on the charge of the ministry of health.
  • He was promoted to a degree of assistant master in the Nerves medicines in 1968
  • 1971-1975 the minster of the general health.
  • A consultant of nerves medicines , the chairman of the nerves diseases in the minister of health in 1977 and he was candidate for the Kuwaiti organization for the doctors ( M.R. C. P ) in London in 1979
  • 1980- 1085 the manager of Kuwait university.
  • The first editor boos for Kuwaiti medical newspaper and also one of the founders.
  • 1967- 1968 a member in the executive council and a member of the perpetual finance in the world health organization.
  • A member in the executive council in the world health organization.
  • 1974 one of the founders of the environment protection
  • 1975- 1977 the chairman of the medical organization.

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