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Abd Elrahman Salem Abdullah hamad Alaeteky

Abd Elrahman Salem Abdullah hamad Alaeteky
Abd Elrahman Salem Abdullah hamad Alaeteky
  • Born in Kuwait 15 April 1928.
  • Finished his studies in the Almobarakya School and completed special educational training.
  • In 1943 worked in the food supply directorate
  • In 1944 worked in governmental clothes Supply Company.
  • In 5 December till March 1949 was employed in Kuwait Oil company as general supervisor in the drilling zones
  • On 7th April 1949 joined the police services and worked as secretary for Elsheikh Sabah Alsalem Alsabah.
  • In 11th of January 1959 was employed as a manager for health directorate.
  • The first ambassador for the State of Kuwait in the United States. A perpetual representative in the United Nations.
  • In 1963 worked as the agent of ministry of foreign affairs.
  • 1967- 1971 Minister of Finance and Oil
  • 1975- 1978 Minster of Finance
  • He was representative of Kuwait in establishing the Arab countries organization exporting for oil OPEC 1981.
  • The honorable boss for the Kuwaiti organization of Binary options
  • Participating in establishing of many general benefits organization.
    • The guidance organization
    • The Kuwait Red Crescent Society
  • The chairman of Bahrain and Middle East Bank
  • The chairman of Arab Investment Bank
  • The chairman of Islamic Bank in Luxembourg
  • The chairman of Investcorp company bank.

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